Friday, October 3, 2008

Emma Bronson and Joseph Lym

Emma Bronson and Joseph Lym - parents of Emma Lym

Orson Morris and Emma Lym

Parents of John Willard Morris - Orson Morris and Emma Lym. Orson Morris is the son of Sarah Sheldon and Matthew Morris . Emma Lym is the daughter of Emma Bronson and Joseph Lym.

Reva Neville and John Willard Morris

My maternal grandparents - Reva Neville, daughter of Selena Hatch and George Alfred Neville. Affectionately known to all of us as Granny. John Willard Morris, son of Emma Lym and Orson Morris. Grandpa Morris was previously married to Carrie Turner who passed away, they had a child named Henry Roswell Morris. John and Reva married and had nine children. When John was 44 years old he passed away leaving Reva to raise the children, the youngest being approximately 4 months old. Reva did not remarry until all of their children were raised. She later married Fred Emanuel Praeker, who we all called Grandpa Fred.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Phebe Campbell Atkinson Headstone

This is a photo of Phebe Campbell Atkinson's headstone. She is buried next to her husband William Atkinson and his second wife Sarah Ann Tingey at the Bountiful Memorial Park in Bountiful, Utah. Mother of Frances Elizabeth Atkinson. If anyone happens to have a photo of Phebe Campbell or Sarah Ann Tingey that they are willing to share, please contact me at

William Atkinson

William Atkinson father of Frances Elizabeth Atkinson

Phebe Campbell Atkinson

My great great great grandmother - Phebe Campbell Atkinson - wife of William Atkinson.

Frances Elizabeth Atkinson and Ransom Osborn Hatch Family

The family of Frances Elizabeth Atkinson and Ransom Hatch. Ransom is in the center with the white hair and beard with Frances on the right. My great grandmother Selena Hatch is the woman in the top row farthest to the right. Frances and Ransom's children in this photo (not in order) Profinda, Ransom O. , William Ancel or Ancil, Thomas Asa, Phoebe Elizabeth, Wealthea Rhoana, James Isaac, Amos Anthony, Selena, Alice, John Newlove, Lilly Ann, Ada. One child Leanord died at approx. 18 months old. If you can identify any of the individuals in this photo, please contact me at

Lawrence LeRoy Cook and Selena Morris Wedding Photo

My parents Lawrence LeRoy Cook and Selena Morris. Lawrence is the son of Harriet Brown Hutchinson and William Cook, Sr. Selena is the daughter of Reva Neville and John Willard Morris.

Selena Hatch and George Neville

Wedding Photo of George Alfred Neville and Selena Hatch